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Feb 23, 2012 · It has a new injection unit with high plasticating rates and injection speeds of up to 450 mm/sec, increased ejector force, and a beefed-up clamp drive. The 460-ton press can achieve cycles of less than 3 sec. Meanwhile, NPE is the global introduction of the new-generation HyCAP system from Husky Injection Molding Systems.

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High Productivity Vertical Machining Centers With an install base of over 30,000 machines all over the world, the DNM Series is a fully-featured staple of the Doosan product line. The remarkably wide range of these productive vertical machining centers guarantees one thing: You’ll easily find the right DNM for your shop.

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Machine Operator Resume Examples. Machine Operators work in manufacturing units and operate equipment to create or process various items. Their duties include using precision tools, inspecting parts, attaining production goals, maintaining the workplace clean and safe, and reducing errors.

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You’ll find the right car tire changer machine that improves productivity in your service area. If you’re in need of a tire changer but don’t know which one you need, be sure to check out our Buyer's Guide to Tire Changers or contact us at 800-562-4791 directly to learn more.

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A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression, adsorption refrigeration, or absorption refrigeration cycles. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment, or another process stream (such as air or process water). As a necessary by-product, refrigeration creates waste heat that must be exhausted to ambience, …

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Jan 19, 2021 · Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer production 3D printers, and Keystone Industries, a trusted dental manufacturer of biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins, announced today a collaboration to make all Keystone KeyPrint® 3D printing dental resins available worldwide on Nexa3D's ultrafast NXE 400 3D printers.

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Date traceability, part and resin identification, customer contact and overall functionality of data inserts have been on the minds of DME engineers for years. These simple marking inserts. are sometimes an afterthought in the design stages of the mold base however they can provide end user with the most important information about the product and act as a marketing tool.

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A barrel or cask is a hollow cylindrical container with a bulging center, longer than it is wide. They are traditionally made of wooden staves and bound by wood or metal hoops. The word vat is often used for large containers for liquids, usually alcoholic beverages; a small barrel or cask, typically with capacity of not more than ten gallons, is known as a keg.

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With a CNC milling machine where the spindle speed and Z travel can be synchronised (a G33 move for example) it it possible to use an automatic boring head to bore tapered holes. The radius change per rev is fixed (or has only a few options, depending on the head) so you just need to choose the Z feed rate to give the required angle.

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Injection molding machines are the center of the manufacturing process for many companies and, due to the materials and processes used, one of the most complex machines on the floor. This is why the first machines a company considers for upgrading with IIoT capabilities is usually the injection molding machines.